The Media 's Portrayal Of African Americans Essay example

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Thesis statement: The Media’s portrayal of African American’s is racially biased, reinforcing the misconception that people of colour in the United States are inferior to those of other ethnicities and perpetuating self-hate within the African American community.
Divided Topic:
African Americans are criminals. They are the most dangerous race in all of the United States.
African Americans are unintelligent in comparison to White Americans.
African Americans are unattractive according to society’s standard of beauty that is greatly influenced by European ideals.
African Americans are dangerous criminals.
The overrepresentation of African Americans as criminals in the media encourages the misbelief that Black people are dangerous and deserve to be dehumanized and typecasted as offenders. The media tarnishes the nation’s image of African Americans through its ample news coverage of only Black crime and its coded headlines.
Exemple: COPS - In 2004, half-hour television episodes of the Policing reality tv-show were taped for an entire week in the month of June. 50 police officers and 61 perpetrators were present. 67% of Whites were portrayed as police officers. 90% of Minority characters were portrayed as criminals, 45% of these minorities were African American.
Scholarly source support: African Americans actually have a 21% arrest rate, but are represented as being 36% of television perpetrators. This is a 15% increase. However, White American citizens…

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