Essay on The Media 's Influence On Women 's Rights

1941 Words Jun 4th, 2016 null Page
Society portrays women as stereotypical models of idealistic standards on how they should look and act. Music videos expose women as sexual objects and inferior to men. Video games are a form in which media promotes and spreads the misogynistic ideal. Television shows exploit women as sexual objects. Music videos, video games, and television shows symbolize women as sexual objects causing no inspiration to stop violence against women and the spread of anti-awareness toward women’s rights.
Many people believe that the media helps develop awareness and inspiration toward women’s rights. The media provides censorship in order to offer the security of women. The government subjects websites and written blogs to censorship in order to suppress words, images and ideas that offend others. In the article Schools and Censorship: Banned Books published by the organization People For the American Way revealed, “Between 1990 and 2000, there were 6,364 challenges reported to or recorded by the Office for Intellectual Freedom…1,607 were challenges to ‘sexually explicit’ material…1,427 were challenges to material considered to use ‘offensive language’ …1,256 were challenges to material considered non age-appropriate or ‘unsuited to age group.’” Censorship is providing an equality for the genders by blocking ideas that hurt or suppress the society. This impacts the media because it does not allow for people to see it and adopt to seeing situation like women being put inferior to men.…

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