The Media 's Influence On The Public Image Of Women Essay

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Women in Advertising

The media have a great responsibility in the public image of women that is created through the language they use. This language can hide, discriminate and even denigrate them. A feature that warns there frequently in the media is the asymmetry when dealing with females compared to males, as we shall see in the following cases. Advertising is a very powerful form of social communication in modern society. It provides the imagery with the most support and the highest concentration anywhere in the media system. The woman was very helpful for advertisers through the history element. In some cases it is set as an object of desire and in others as the weaker sex. Although these two issues have caused controversy in the world, the truth is that their results are in sales. We must clarify that television, like other media, has the potential to create social values and influence people because it provides definitions, presents models, promotes stereotypes and may be an example of changes. In addition, we must add that in the advertising strategy announcement design is essential and the brand image is at stake; so many advertising agencies rely on women to make their advertising messages more attractive and deeper into the ground of sexism to introduce the female figure in the market as a purely sexual and erotic object to increase sales.
Stereotyping and gender.
Sexism: Customer dominant sex in any aspect of life.
Discrimination against persons of one sex…

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