The Media 's Influence On The American Democracy Essay example

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The news media plays a critical role in the American democracy. First and foremost, the media speaks to the Congress, the politicians, the public and to our society. The media has become the most influential to our society today. Before the 1950’s media had little to no effect to most politicians. Nowadays technology has advanced dramatically where we are able to access the news through; televisions, radio stations, Internet, and even print media. Television has become the most used media with over 55% of Americans accessing on a typical day in 2012. The Internet is 39% of Americans accessing on a daily basis which leaves newspaper and radio to be in the range of 29-33% the least checked for Americans on a typical day. Today, there are different varieties of sources available for all age groups that it would be almost impossible for an individual to be clueless about the news. First, the media has an influence on the President and Congress. Second, the decisions of public opinion and the policy making process are dominated by the media, which determines its advantages and disadvantages. Lastly, media has a profound impact on politics.
First, the media has an influence on the President and Congress. The media has an advantage of reshaping a political agenda by focusing on certain issues and selecting particular stories to report. In, “The Central Ideas In American Government”, Bernard Cohen says, “The press is significantly more than a purveyor of information and opinion.…

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