The Media 's Influence On Society Essay

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Why is the media vital to our society? The media overwhelms society with drama and entertainment. In “Supersaturation, or, The Media Torrent and Disposable Feeling” by Todd Gitlin, paintings were what television is today: entertainment. The rich surrounded themselves with paintings similar to the way media surrounds us. Gitlin feels as though media desensitizes people and therefore modern day feelings seem “disposable.” Society moves from one topic to the next to keep up with trends displayed in the media. As a result, society becomes isolated. However in the 1600s, these paintings were passed down from generation to generation, and today, television shows rarely last two seasons. Our once private households are now dominated by other worldly distractions due to overexposure of media. From early art in the 1600s to the emergence of television, Gitlin examines the rapid and unstoppable invasion media has on our lives. Media’s invasion influences how society lives day by day. Hip Hop and rap music, for example, negatively impacts an individual’s behavior, causing one to be more hostile, violent and perform risky behavior.

Hip Hop and rap music affects behavior by causing individuals to be violent and commit crimes. Frosch contends, “After a spate of shootings, and with a rising murder rate, the police here are saying gangster rap is contributing to the violence, luring gang members and criminal activity to nightclubs (New York Times).” Police say there is a correlation…

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