The Media 's Influence On Society Essay

1384 Words Dec 4th, 2015 null Page
It is human nature to be critical when judging others, and it has been well recorded how vital first impressions are. Furthermore, it is fair to say that nearly every single one of us possess some sort of bias or preconception when assessing others that have usually resulted from generalizations. However, an abundance of these generalizations that we possess come from stereotypes that are constantly being reinforced by today’s media. Unfortunately with modern technology we are invariably under the media’s influence, and because of this many stereotypes refuse to be abated. In essence not all stereotypes are detrimental, and certain generalizations conceived from true empirical evidence/observations that are applied to groups instead of individuals have been known to be nondestructive. However, the bulk of stereotypes formulated by the media are periodically unjustified, harmful, and fraudulent. Oftentimes it is common for these stereotypes to go unrecognized because of how accepted they have become in our society, and recent studies have even found how positive stereotypes can be damaging. After a further analysis of American media one will find an apparent pattern of racial stereotypes produced by the media that are harmful and create misrepresentations of ethnic groups, unjust biases, and a discriminative society. The masses frequently use the term, however an astounding amount of people are uncertain what exactly is considered a stereotype, and how they can be…

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