The Media 's Influence On Society Essay example

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Since the beginning, the media has had an inexplicably large amount of influence on society and the way we view gender roles. In things from television shows and movies to advertisements for video games and legos. These shows and advertisements unconsciously make us believe that there are situations and activities that are only meant for one sex, not both. We are constantly being guided through life by an invisible force that places a shroud over what is right and what is wrong based on gender. While most are understandably blind to this fact, I have found many examples and situations as to which there are clear indications of gender division in media. In order to be able to adapt to this, we must first be informed. In many new age shows, the father is often portrayed as dumb and ignorant. Sometimes, they do not even exist. While this may just seem coincidental, if we look at father figures from shows back in the 70s and 80s and look at the father figures portrayed in modern day television shows, there is a noticeable difference in what the father 's role is in the family. The Brady Bunch, which aired on September 26, 1969, was a show where the father was portrayed as a strong leader of the household. Even though he had a very large family that relied on him for most things, he always knew what to do and seemed wise like a father should be. But if we take a look at a modern television show like Good Luck Charlie. The show is centered around a family who is constantly…

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