Essay on The Media 's Influence On Society

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We have seen the change in advertisements and overtime they use different ways to win over the hearts of lower class people. The way the media frames people everyday lives is concerning. The media suggest that lower classes people should want the wealthy possessions and live like the upper class, as well as men and women are sought as unequal beings. There are three readings from the authors Diana Kendall, Jean Kilbourne and Sherry Turkle that are mentioned. Kendall, a sociology professor at the University of Baylor, did long extensive studies on how the media portrays social classes. She also includes in her text how the media shape the upper, middle, working and lower classes by ‘framing’ their stories in predictable and misleading ways. Kilbourne, has spent most of her career teaching and lecturing about the world of advertising. She has been a member of the National Advisory Council on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism and she has served twice as an adviser to the surgeon general of the United States. Kilbourne believes that media ads affect people in profound and damaging ways. Lastly, the author Turkle, is a clinical psychologist and she talks about reliance on technology. The media is to blame for how men is portrayed dominate over women. The media strives for the attention of the lower classes and they try to sell them unnecessary products. People are given a misconception of the American dream and what they should have.
When it comes to comparing women and men, most…

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