Essay on The Media 's Influence On Society

840 Words Nov 10th, 2014 4 Pages
Mass media has a most wide-spread influence on society. It has become a powerful tool in the shaping of practices, cultures, ideas, etc. Globalization and social connections have been richened by its influence, however, like everything, it has its advantages and disadvantages. A major disadvantage lies in the media’s hand in promoting ideas that aren’t always accurate. One of the areas in which there exists a large amount of fallacy is gender. This paper will identify issues women face in film, by analyzing top grossing superhero films in recent years. In researching these films, I will analyze how women are portrayed, and the general conceptions created as a result of their portrayal. In turn, I will show that gender roles are still promoted in media today, creating unhealthy attitudes towards women. Ultimately, the goal of is paper is to encourage a healthy mindset when it comes to media in general, to promote screen literacy, and explain why mass media should be approached with caution and with certain steely gender values in mind, so that they may not fall to the gender bias presented in media.
Today, people worldwide consume Hollywood film products. This is as a result of vast media networks that have been put in place thanks to the advances made in technology over recent years. Film today is not the same as it was even two decades ago, not only physically, but also in the sense of what is present in these pieces. A classic example of this is the…

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