Essay on The Media 's Influence On Society

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The media is growing in influence across society and is increasingly becoming the number one. With the 2016 Presidential election being one of the most important in American history, the media have already had a massive control on content. In 2016, according to James N. Danziger and Charles Anthony Smith, adults use the media as their number one source of political information (91). This “media” can be any outlet that society gets information from like the television, radio, Internet, and or other forms. Social media is the dominant media outlets in politics and Pew Research Center points out that 66% of social media users have engaged in some sort of political activity on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and or other mediums (2014). The media influences society a number of different ways, but to what extent, there is a correlation among individual’s personal political ideology and identity to their preferred media outlet.
The cause of this correlation needs to be understood as media bias and preferable media outlet because an individual is deliberately picking a media avenue over the other. Without media bias, it would and should not matter where one picks their news from as all media would be equally not biased. It is the spilt or bias of the media that causes issues and problems for society. Also, the political ideology of the individual only matters to see if it reflected the their favorite media outlet like CNN or Fox News.
The idea and cause of media having bias and…

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