The Media 's Influence On Society Essay

1664 Words Nov 10th, 2015 null Page
The influence the media has on love and relationships can be one of the strongest influences a person can face. The media can affect how an individual views love and sex, whether it be through music and movies or pornography. Having a relationship is something men and women think about constantly; it can be the case of the young girl looking for prince charming or the college guy who just wants a one-night stand. The affect the media has on society is astonishing; the media is constantly telling people how their relationships are supposed to be played out. Romantic movies that release give people the allusion they will just find their soul mate eventually; it may make people’s ambition to go out and look for their own get smaller. The media also greatly affects people that are already in relationships; a man can feel insecure about the sex he’s been having with his girlfriend because his moves aren’t up to par with that of an adult entertainer or a couple thinks things are going wrong because their relationship isn’t as spontaneous as a television relationship. With technology getting better and more people getting distracted with the entertainment industry, whether it be watching television or movies, they are all getting showed invented relationships and an idealized life, when in reality most of the things the media depict don’t necessarily happen. The music industry is one of the biggest industries in the world and is a part of people’s everyday lives; it doesn’t matter…

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