The Media 's Influence On Society 's Attitude Towards Racism Essay

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Why are the top stories in the news always negative and geared towards pointing out struggle between white and black? Is it because society is only interested in hearing about what is going wrong in the world, or is the media trying to create controversy and increase racial tensions? There are many stories in the news related to racism: police brutality, education, crime; the media has a way of portraying these matters or specific incidents to indicate that America is racist. What might happen if the media, specifically, and society in general, were to focus on the good aspects of our world and the positive sacrifices that individuals make to create a better world? I neither want to be so naïve to say that racism doesn’t exist, nor do I want to imply that there are not specific incidents of racism, but I do feel like the media’s representation of the news strongly influences society’s attitude towards racism. If the media doesn’t disclose all the facts related to a story or give equal attention to the positive happenings in the world, society will always be under the perception that there is a racial divide.
Chapter eleven in “Introduction to Sociology” states that “issues of race and ethnicity can be observed through three major sociological perspectives…” Interactionism is one of these theoretical perspectives. According the book, “…some interactionists propose that the symbols of race, not race itself, are what lead to racism… An example of this might be an individual…

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