The Media 's Impact On The American People Essay

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Introduction In America today, people have many liberties and laws that benefit them. Freedom of speech, the right to bear arms and the right to vote are just to name a few. Most of these laws that are in place now were placed there due to the actions and mistakes that took place in the past. The actions and steps that take place today will benefit those in the future to make new laws that will help prevent further turmoil to those that were impacted today. In this body of work, you will see examples of events that took place yesterday (past) that caused the government to take notice and make pivotal changes that impacted and benefit those yesterday and today, you will also see examples of acts that took place in the media that had an impact on the way public opinion views the government and how responsible the government is for meeting the needs of the American people, and lastly differences between the Republican and Democratic Party that has ethical impact on the American people.

Keywords: Party, country, people, law, government

Two Civil Rights Events – Yesterday In the 1940’s, this country we live in may have the outward appearance of moving in the right direction but, for the people who lived in it during this time, it was moving at a snaillike pace. Slavery had ended in 1865 and in the years preceding that, the country still treated blacks separate and not equal. By the time 1940 came, many African Americans experienced racism in many ways, which included racial…

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