The Media Shows Much Negativity About Many Countries And People All Around The World

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The media shows much negativity about many countries and people all around the world. Many of us wonder why? But sadly there is never an answer. We live in a world where people make commercials just to make people think different about things around them. In the year of 2010 an earthquake happened in Haiti and I am proud to say that I am a survivor but when the tragedy occurred all the reporters started talking and announcing how bad the country got and how we got poor. I’m not saying it’s false but every country has a poor side. The United States isn’t rich all over the place; they have some bad parts also called the ghetto. When many Americans hear the word “Haiti,” many negative things will come to mind: “poor,” “densely populated,” “over-crowded,” “aid-dependent.”

What are stereotypes? Stereotypes are generalizations or assumptions that people make about a group of people, based on an image about what people in that group are really like. “The media plays a prominent role in shaping public perception of foreign countries, and such stereotypes of Haiti can often be found across the spectrum of the U.S. media, according to UConn professor of public policy Thomas Craemer. This is a problem, he says, not only because those epithets can paint a misleading picture, but because they can also affect how American citizens and government’s act. I think there is a chance that these stereotypes can affect foreign aid and foreign policy,” Craemer says. Yes, Haiti as some bad parts…

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