The Media Shapes People 's Perceptions On Crime Essay

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The media shapes people’s perceptions on crime, which also has a negative effect on attitudes and behaviour. Whilst the media creates not only a fallacy of realism, but there are also numerous ways in which the media could possibly cause crime and deviance too, due to the enormous media coverage one perceives. For example, Schramm et al (1961) states that “television is harmful”. Throughout I will be discussing how the media creates different perceptions and adapts attitudes which relate to the media using immediacy, dramatisation which is the notion of creating action and excitement, personalisation the concept of what will be of human interest about individuals for the population, unexpectedness the idea of a “new angle”, distortion, risk - victim centred stories about vulnerability and fear, finally violence which is used when conveying spectacular acts. These methods are used to create certain perceptions and portray crime within the mass media. This point is backed up by (Reiner 2007), When he states: “The violence in the mass media elevates public fear of criminal victimisation”.

Firstly I am going to consider the argument ‘The Media is known to shape attitudes and perceptions of crime due to the over dramatisation of TV programmes and news coverage’. A distorted picture of crime is painted by the news. The media gives so much coverage on crime within the news because it focuses on the unusual and extraordinary, which portrays abnormal behaviour which is deemed…

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