The Media Of The Film Miss Represntaion The Producer And Narrator Makes The Point That Girls

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The following essay will examine how the media, particularly advertising, still frequently portrays how we see gender as little more than a stereotypical black and white representation of the ideal masculine and the ideal feminine. In order to illustrate this thesis we will examine 3 visual advertisements all found via the Internet and all created within the last 5 years. We will also use information from the film Miss Representation as well as idea from Women’s voices Feminist Visions chapter 5. In the film Miss Represntaion the producer and narrator makes the point that girls “can not be what they can not see” the whole film works to argue that the media is selling a very one sided idea about what it means to be a valuable women in today’s society. The film demonstrates that women are often told their only value lies in their beauty sexuality and youth and that only certain careers and lifestyles are appropriate for them. Even women in positions of power are often unnecessarily sexualized and “enlightened sexism” as Susan Douglass defines it is more prevalent than ever. All of the advertisements we will analysis next support these dangerous assumptions. The first ad I’d like to look at is for Bosch washing machines. The purpose of the ad is obviously to encourage consumers to purchase their washing machine. The Ad features washing machines from 1886 all the way up to 2011 with a woman from each time period posing next to her washing machine. The top of the ad says, in…

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