Essay The Media Of Black Women

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How is beauty represented in the media today with specific reference to black women?
The Medias views of black beauty standards today are very euro-centric; they have been for decades, since slavery. Black women have conformed to societies dominate ideology that having silky straight hair , being lighter in complexion and this has lead to the epidemic of black women feeling as if they are not beautiful in their own skin. As a result of the medias portrayal of black women not being deemed as beautiful by European standard, the constant reminder through tabloids and the general reminder that looking more western is more socially expectable this has been endorsed due to the constant portrayal of white women, with straight hair has instilled the ideology that a women’s hair is a representation of her beauty and is one of a few main aspects which make a women beautiful and it is also the main source that has instilled the idea that having ‘kinky’ or ‘nappy’ hair is socially unacceptable therefore leading to the insecurities among black women. My argument is to address that there is only one beauty standard that the media portrays and other ethnic minority groups feel pressured to conform to European beauty standards, due to the misrepresentation of other races. Beauty standards affect the way black women see themselves , I will be referencing ‘ I am not my hair’ by India Arie (2009) and ‘good hair’ by Chris Rock (2009) and how he tries to understand and find out why black women…

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