Essay about The Media Is An Impossible Mission

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We live in a fast growing world. Everyday there are new individuals added into our constant growing population. Our current world population has passed the 7 billion mark. There are more people today, than there were yesterday. As our population grows, so do the concerns on the media’s evolution. Overtime, people have learned to depend on the media more than any other thing. The media holds the role as the central gathering of information. Different types of mass media include: the Internet, television, radio, magazines, and newspapers. These various forms of media have allowed for past and current generations to gather information. Its amazing at just how quickly information travels. There is no doubt of missing something that occurred 30 seconds ago, unless you’ve decided to take a break and completely disconnect. Disconnecting from the media can be an impossible mission. You’ll eventually either way overhear a conversation about what just happened 30 seconds ago.
The media has influenced a large amount of people. Particularly, the youth in this world have been the most affected by the media’s impact. In many schools, computers have found there way in. The media has intercepted with our educational system. Since the 1900s the amount of computer equipment at schools has gradually increased. In 1948, public schools in the U.S. averaged about one computer for every 92 students (The Evolution of Classroom Technology). Computers have drastically changed the way people work and…

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