Essay about The Media Influence On Body Image

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Perfect Body With an alarming 50 percent of 3-to-6 year old girls worrying about their weight, it makes you wonder, what are we doing wrong? (Hanes). If I were to ask you, what do you consider the perfect body, how would you respond? Most girls would reply: thin body, skinny waist, and big breasts. In today’s society, the media controls all aspects of our lives. From popular Smartphone applications such as Instagram, Twitter, and Tumblr to advertisements and movies, the media has managed to distort the image of beauty. The highly sexualized world we live in today promotes the image of the perfect body by mass producing Barbie dolls and Disney princess dolls causing girls to begin to glorify the unrealistic body image at a young age. Peer influence and family pressure also takes a toll on girls and their overall approval on their body image. Some may believe that girls do not have any pressure to obtain the perfect body, but in the highly sexualized, media influenced, vastly connected world we live in today, girls do face too much pressure to obtain the perfect body. One reason that there is too much pressure on girls to have the perfect body is the fact that media promotes unrealistic beauty standards to the world. The model-thin photographically altered images of beauty that are being presented in fashion and makeup advertisements causes girls to believe that there is something wrong with themselves and their body because they do not look like the celebrities and models…

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