Essay about The Media Defines Normality?

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The media defines normality. For example, it defines how a perfect house should look like, how a perfect family should look like, how the idea of a perfect body should look like. The media uses imagery to portray men and women gender role in society, and more times than not, classifies women as a second class citizen to men. In the media, especially in imagery, men are usually portrayed as dominant; in figure one, the man is on top of the woman as she is in a submissive position. The woman is topless and powerless as she closes her eyes, it seems that she is giving up her freedom to the man. The man looks very dominant and strong, as he looks at the audience it’s as if he saying “this is mine”. In a way he has control over her and “owns” her. This portrays how the media use imagery to show what the gender role in society should be. When women are used to portray dominance, they seem to be overly sexualized. In figure 3, the man has a more feminine pose and the woman has a dominant pose. Although she appears dominant, she is shown in a two piece bikini, which reveals her skin and insecurities. Her eyes are directed to the audience while the man’s gaze seems to be slanted and doesn’t show as much power as the woman’s. He is seen putting his hands on her shoulder as a means of support. This shows that men can be weak and they need a woman to support them. The woman is still being more sexualized than the man even though she appears dominant. The media has ruined the image of…

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