The Media As An Imperative Role By Providing Coverage On Politics

1332 Words Dec 10th, 2015 null Page
The media plays an imperative role by providing coverage on politics, terrorism, and anything that affects the public. With the recent terror attacks transpiring in and out of the U.S, more people are tuning in to the news. However, numerous conservative news stations are presenting information with a bias. Media bias is occurring in the news more frequently by news stations, and reporting information in a partial or prejudiced manner. Conservative news stations, voice strong opinions on the recent incidents of ISIS Paris attacks and how President Barack Obama is delegating the issue . Conservative news, exploit three types of media bias, each containing semiotics, and fallacies to misinterpret the truth about the President’s recent actions.

In a commentary show on Fox news, “The O’Reilly Factor” Bill O’Reilly is well known for using a bias, specifically bias by spin. In a recent commentary he uses it to condemn President Obama’s action on ISIS attacks in Paris. O’Reilly goes in depth about Syrian refugees and states "The president 's retreat from Syria has caused the massive refugee problem, and remember, one of the ISIS killers in Paris apparently posed as a refugee to enter France”. This demonstrates bias by spin because he is only emphasizing what the President did wrong, but also commits bias by omission since he is quick to leave out vital information of what emerged. According to BBC news there were actually six ISIS killers in total and five of…

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