The Media And Social Media Essay

1895 Words Nov 28th, 2016 8 Pages
Currently, we are living in a technology society. We can read and learn a lot of information from social media that is very effective and influential. This can even influence which candidate are the voters going to vote, like how Donald Trump posted a post which about all Islam are terrorism on Twitter to get more supporters and a lot of vote in the election. According to a article, “News Use Across Social Media Platforms 2016”, Jeffrey Gottfried and Elisa Shearer showed that 62% of American read the news on the social media. In America, a lot of people have a social media profiles. According to “U.S. Population with a Social Media Profile 2016 | Statistic”, it claimed that seventy-eight percent of Americans had a social media profiles. We may see a lot of racism posts or jokes on the social media because users can spread any informations that they want to let their friends know and read, those posts or comments included racism, sexism, or violence, like what Donald Trump did on Twitter. If the users read the racism things again and again, they may turn to be racist or believe it is true because of echo chamber. Also, Spreading racism on the social media can cause cyberbullying. Since the social media is a tool for spreading racism, school should have responsibility to help our society to solve this problem by making policies and implementing the race pedagogy.
II.Social media is a tool for spreading racism On the social media, people can post, comment, share, and…

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