The Media And Public Health Systems Haven Essay

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The media and the public health systems haven given steroids an undeserved bad reputation. A well-informed and well-educated person is capable of making the decision to take anabolic steroids, and does not need the interference of our government to tell them otherwise. Steroids have been included with category III drugs, such as LSD, since the early 1990’s with no documented proof that they cause any type of injury or death. It is said that steroid laws are the only laws currently on record today based in “blind hysteria” not based in fact. ( The media and public health systems have characterized steroid users as “roid raging”, claiming “anabolic steroids will cause severe health related issues that will in-fact kill you; they turn you into monsters of hate riddled with violent behavior and outbursts.” ( there is no documented proof to sustain the claims, however, “Congress ignored the testimony of the DEA, FDA, AMA, NIDA, and NIH and passed the legislation” making the possession of anabolic steroids illegal. Steroid were completely legal until the 1980’s. In the early 1970’s the IOC took a stance against its athletes using anabolic steroids, however it remained legal. During the 1980’s advocates against steroid use used the Olympic council’s decision to ban the usage, and coupled that with the death of Lyle Alzado to push through legislation to make steroids illegal. The NFL stars death gave the anti-steroid advocates a flame for their…

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