Essay on The Media And Its Responsibilities

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The media and its responsibilities 2

The media is a big part of our lives and has become a fundamental influence on the viewpoints and outcomes of world issues. The contribution allows everyone to have freedom of speech, but the media must take responsibility for its part in many of the problems that have been wide spread lately. The media have had a great impact on the younger generation telling them they have to look a certain way or be a certain size to be accepted by society. According to the Journal’s Code of Ethics, “the journalist has the civic responsibility to act in order to establish the rule of law and of social justice”. (Romanian Press Club, Article 7). Social media have become an even bigger part of everyday life reporting more news than public broadcasting. Journalist must take responsibility for their actions and do what is best for society as a whole by remembering their code of ethics. In this paper, I will show how the media, society, and parents must share responsibility for each other’s part in the acts of communication that have moral and ethical influence on everyone involved.
The media’s first responsibility is to the audience by reporting the facts without bias to one individual or culture. All media does not abide by moral standards and send conflicting messages to society which can have harmful results. The media have more influence over society than admitted, we want to hear about the lives of celebrities and their families and the…

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