The Media And Its Impact On The Society Essay

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In the very early morning of January 18, 2015, two Stanford graduate students were biking across campus when they spotted a freshman engaging in sexual acts, such as thrusting himself into an unconscious, half naked women behind a dumpster at the Kappa Alpha fraternity house. They quickly chased down the culprit and pinned him down until the police came and detained the young male. Given the situation, the students alongside with many others in the nation, as the news abruptly went viral, must have wondered, “Who could have performed such an inhumane and scarring crime?” The male was identified to be Brock Turner, who was a former student and swimmer at Stanford University. Turner was arrested for five charges: Two for rape, two for felony assault, and one for attempted rape. He was then later prosecuted at the Saint Clara County courthouse in California. Because Turner was found guilty of raping the women, he was expected to face a maximum of 10 years in jail. Being this, the prosecutor wanted a minimum of at least 6 years in jail, but judge Aaron Persky had a more lenient punishment towards the 20-year-old male. In fact, on June 2, Judge Persky sentenced Turner to only six months of incarceration and three years of probation, despite there being a minimum two-year term of jail time given that Turner must also register as a sex offender. The reasoning for Judge Persky sentence was explained by the following quote, “A prison sentence would have a severe impact on him. I…

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