The Media And Its Impact On Society Today Essay

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The media plays a major role in our society today. It makes us look at the world in another perspective based on how they want us to see it. The media has a way of choosing what stories to report and what stories to leave out. After 9/11 the myth of invincibility is destroyed and causes America to become weak and insecure. To rebuild this image, the media starts to portray America as the strong nation it once was and that nothing like that will ever happen to them ever again. Raymond Bonner, comments how “after the attacks, journalists were swept up in the national feelings of fear and outrage—and failed to do their job.” Post 9/11 journalists all over were consumed with fear and were not reporting accurately to the American people. Things took a turn in the media and things that were seen as wrong before were now seen as okay. For example, in Bonners article he specifically addresses waterboarding:
For decades prior to 9/11, the four largest American newspapers called waterboarding torture, according to a study by the Joan Shorenstein Center on the Press, Politics and Public Policy at Harvard. Then, in 2004, in the aftermath of revelations that the Bush Administration was engaged in waterboarding of terrorist suspects, the four newspapers almost never referred to waterboarding as torture.
Throughout history we see this very point evident as the media shows what they want the people to believe. Before they regarded waterboarding as a torture crime, however, post 9/11 it…

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