The Media And Its Impact On Society Essay

1979 Words Oct 6th, 2016 8 Pages
Disability is a word that often brings negative connotations with its perceived meaning. According to the World Health Organization, disability is known to be a complex phenomenon, which has shaped our everyday interactions (2016). Being able-bodied allows you to fit into the societal definition of normal in which you are capable of your own individual achievements. However, being disabled creates barriers, which are often hard to cross and only leave society with forcing pity upon you. Of course, much is out of good will, yet from early depictions of disability, known examples dating as far back as the early 1930s, we are only left to frown upon it. Media plays the upper hand in how we construct our beliefs and values. As a society we collectively do not question what the media presents us and believe them thinking that they have the best interest at heart. Under-representation of disabled in films and television can also affect their chances of leisure activities and job opportunities.

Both examples shown explore the daily routine of two individuals who live alongside our normal society. When a disabled person does something that we believe they were not capable of, we claim it to be overcoming an obstacle. However, with our societal conditions, it is more so of learning to live with the obstacle. Shakti and Abed do not challenge the societal barriers, but rather create solutions that help them continuously move forward. Disabled individuals are just as capable to live…

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