The Media And Its Impact On Society Essay

952 Words Nov 18th, 2016 4 Pages
Technology, and media specifically, can distort what we see as reality. The news, television programs and articles make our society think outside their own values. The media can have a huge impact on our behaviors such as violence, sexual behavior and stereotypes. The impacts that the media has I feel are primarily negative. Yes, they can have a positive impact, but generally I feel it portrays the wrong idea, causing a very negative impact on those viewing.
The media has a huge impact on our behaviors at all ages. Whether it deals with violence, drug use, sexual behavior, ext. The media can introduce ideas that we never would have seen elsewhere. The media can manipulate what we see, and how much we see it causing us to have a different idea of the world. A theory that directly correlates to this idea is the cultivation theory, specifically mean world syndrome. Mean world syndrome is when television has long-term affects which are gradual but significant. For example, when we see news about violence and crime, we think that the world is a cruel place. In reality it isn’t as bad as the media portrays it. This changes our behavior from being confident in our society to fearful. An example of this is seeing Police Officers and African Americans killing each other. This portrays two things very negatively about both parties involved. It portrays police officers as unlawful and killing African Americans solely because of their race. This negative prediction can also go towards…

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