The Media And Its Effects On Women Essay

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Since the beginning of the television in 1926, the world of entertainment has caught up to catching the attention of people at the expense of women. The main question is what is media sexism? “The Oxford Dictionary of Sociology defines sexism as being "the unfair discrimination on the basis of sex". This kind of discrimination tends to operate in favour of men and against women”(UK Essays). During the 70’s sexist ads became progressive everywhere from tv commercials to posters for regular items such as Kellogg’s. “The thought of an advertisement telling women to 'keep up with the house while you keep down your weight ' would undoubtedly cause widespread revulsion. But rewind several decades and such sexist slogans were widespread, as is revealed in this collection of vintage posters.” (Daily Mail Reporter 1). Nevertheless we have fast forwarded 45 years later, and we still see the problem of the media exposing women as sexual objects. During the 70’s there was a featured ad in playboy magazine which showed a beautiful thin woman who’s looking graciously at a man’s shoe and the slogan for the picture was “Keep her where she belongs”. “The Dick Caveat Show” discussed on how two women felt on these types of media being shown to the public. These two women are activists in a group called The Woman’s Liberation Movement. Susan BrownMiller spoke up on what she thought men were doing wrong in society towards woman. “They oppress us as women and they don’t let us be. Hugh…

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