The Media And Its Effects On The Public Essay

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Do you really trust your news provider when it comes to displaying the most truthful and up to date facts and details during unfolding situations? News providers and the media, in general, can be very deceitful. With slanted and biased opinions, the mass media can affect how the public views important stories. These lies can help these media outlets make money and put the public view in their favor. The mainstream media lies to the public and slants truth to make money, by twisting the facts and creating outrageous stories, which results in the public changing their opinion on important daily issues.
When it comes down to it, there is one main reason why the media lies and twists the news to the public: money. One way the media makes money is ads. Companies pay media outlets to have their ads on their program. As the number of views or traffic of the program and more importantly ads fluctuates, the media can raise or lower the price of ads to better suit their needs. The more traffic, the more money. To increase the viewing of the news and the reading of blogs, only the most interesting and juiciest stories are published. The more interesting and outrageous the better. Anything can go when it comes to this. This kind of stories can trend really easily and help make even more money. Lying can come into play here. When stories are boring and not getting the traffic wanted, publishers juice them up and lie to make them more interesting. (Holiday 32-34)
The real money maker is…

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