The Media And Its Effect On The Public Essay

1497 Words Oct 28th, 2016 6 Pages
In today’s world we encounter thousands of advertisements every day. People tend to block out the ads for the most part, however, some campaigns are successful. In a world where almost everything is a way for organizations to advertise to their products, have you ever wondered how effective advertisements are in selling their products. I believe that the most successful advertising campaigns are those that feel less like advertising and more natural as well as bring the consumer to have a favorable view of the company. Being an election year, we have seen many more political news stories than ever before. While it is often clear that some media outlets have an inherent bias, does that bias play a role in the election? To what extent does the media play a role in persuading the public to vote one way or change their opinion on a certain issue? Almost everything we see today online is some form of advertisement. However, I often think “how effective are the advertisements of products or the impression of the businesses”? This topic is worth studying because companies spend billions of dollars on their advertising and social media campaigns every year. If there was a way to make these advertisement and social media campaigns more effective, that would be very valuable. The communication in this topic is between company and customer, more specifically, online or over digital media. I selected this topic because I am active in the online community and I often encounter…

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