The Media And Its Effect On Society 's Perception Of Their Own Bodies

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The media is our source of constant information, and is presented in many forms such as, daily news casts, social media like Facebook, and the magazines strategically placed in our doctor’s office. There is no surprise that it is also the dominant influence when it comes to society’s beauty standard either. Unfortunately media isn’t a positive influence all the time, and is the main force behind negative body image epidemic that plagues women, especially the 18-25 age group. In order to fully understand the severity of what some call a “Vanity” issue we must look into the facts of how exactly the media damages women’s perception of their own bodies, and then observe the extent of the damage done to the physical and mental states of these women as well. Observing these things will allow women as a whole to refute the myths of the media, and create preventative and recovery plans for the unhealthy effects of the influence.
Firstly to understand how great of an issue this matter is lets observe studies done by professors who focused on the Medias effect on college aged women. The first study done by Virginia M. Quick and Carol Byrd-Bredbenner focuses on disordered eating and the socio-cultural media influences, body image, and psychological factors among a racially/ ethnically diverse population of college women. First they state that college females are at higher risk for body dissatisfaction along with disordered eating due to the weight gained during this transitional period…

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