The Media And Its Attitude Towards Women Essay

1961 Words Sep 12th, 2015 8 Pages
The media is a powerhouse that provides the public with information to educate the public. It has become an essential piece of American life because it allows us to create a sense of being. Social media has allowed us to become part of a larger community, so that you can always communicate with others. The media also has to power to influence a group of people’s behavior and thinking. This can be a good thing, but also a bad thing. It’s a good thing because it could help people stop doing self-destructing things. For example, At&t has released a campaign to stop texting while driving. This campaign was spread through radios, television, and posters. This kind of media helps to influence people’s behavior and attitude towards texting while driving. But media, does some questionable things that promotes negativity in the public. The most important issue raised about the morale of the media is its attitude towards women.
There are so many commercials, movies, and tv shows where women are sexually portrayed. The media gives a hyper-sexualized image of females, and forces the public to focus on female bodies rather than their personalities. If it were men who were sexualized, the media would not receive money. The world today has created gender roles, so women can only do things that are suitable for them. The media has a tendency to degrade women by showing them as a sex toy rather than them serving a purpose. Burger King is trying to insinuate that by having the burger,…

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