Essay on The Meat And Dairy Industry

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When thinking of where the meat in the supermarket comes from, one might imagine a grassy farm with healthy livestock that was raised by a family. Sadly, this happy image that’s plastered on our products and shown in cartoons is a mere ploy for the customers of the meat and dairy industry. The reality is a gruesome scene of poultry, pigs, and cattle being forced into confined spaces where they suffer every day. A vast majority of farms in the United States focus on producing the largest amount of meat, dairy, and eggs for the cheapest cost, this system is commonly referred to as factory farming. While most Americans are appalled by mistreatment of cats and dogs, many still consume the meat of animals who have endured abuse their entire lives in factory farms. Much like humans, cows produce milk in order to feed their young. However, the purpose of factory farming isn’t to provide an environment where cows can live healthily, it’s to get large amounts of milk from a dairy cow for human consumption. To make sure that the calf gets as little of the milk as possible, the calf is dragged away from its mother as soon as two hours after birth, resulting in emotional trauma for both mother and child. The calf is then kept alive with milk replacers, high-bulk grains, and “fillers” such as expired dog food, poultry feces, and leftover restaurant food. If the calf is to be raised for beef, it will live out its miserable life in its own excrement, be given growth…

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