The Meaningless Deaths Of Children Essay

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The meaningless deaths of children are most difficult to bear. The discreet selfishness of the rich turn a blind-eye to those who are less fortunate. This evidence clearly showed in Hans Christian Andersen excerpt, from The Little Match Girl. In his story, a cold, poor bareheaded girl with naked feet is selling matches on snow covered streets, on the last evening of the year, just before dusk, trying to earn money for her family. The half frozen girl is afraid to return to her ran down home and face her father due to the fact, “nobody has bought anything of her the whole livelong day, no one has given her a single farthing.” (Andersen) Andersen shows his imaginary and symbolism to illustrate this heart wrenching story taking place in London around 1845.
When we first meet our street urchin, she is wearing slippers that her mother gave her to wear on the snow banked streets. Although they are incredibly too large for her small icy feet, one slipper falls off and a boy captures it and thought to make it “a cradle when he some day or other should have children,” (Andersen) with her red and blue naked feet, she continues on her journey carrying in her old apron a few bundles of matches to sell.
Hunger and sadness fill the poor little girl. She cares not for her appearance or her long blonde curly hair. She sees through the windows, the beauty of gleaming candles, and smells the heavenly aroma of roast goose for the reason that it is New Year’s Eve, and it’s only those of…

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