Christian Worldview Definition

Over the past couple of weeks I have been traveling down the wonderful road of Worldview. I will be straightforward, I had no idea what the term Worldview meant when the class started, therefore I didn’t know what to expect. However, the hilarious thing about Worldview is that there is not an exact definition of Worldview in my estimation. The best explanation of worldview I have found goes as follows, “A person’s worldview is the overall perspective from which he or she views and interprets the world. It can also include the beliefs about life and the universe held by a group (such as a Christian worldview). The concept is from a German word Weltanschauung. ” A worldview is the “overall view” that individuals perceive their place in the world, …show more content…
The Bible shows us, in John 17:3, our meaning is revealed to simply know the only true God and the one He sent; and that in fact is what leads to eternal life. In addition to that, Matthew 28:19-20 offers to us another great purpose of life from a Biblical Worldview. It is there that Jesus presents the great commission for all who believe in Him. The command is to make disciples of all kinds, which in return, redeems them in the sight of the true source. That which is the Heaven Father our Creator.
The question of Morality in Christian worldview accounts for man’s downfall and his require for forgiveness in Romans 3:23. All of humanity misses the mark with righteousness with God regardless of how they try to live. Since all humans have shortcomings with God, it is vital we observe how we interrelate with each other. We must never overlook that all mankind was formed in God’s image, whereas that morality is essential in our interactions with each other. Morality is put in the simplest form in John 13:34; due to the fact that it is there that Jesus teaches us to love one
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I considered myself to already be a fastidious guy, but now I don’t deem that to be good enough! Due to the fact that we are all made in the Imago Dei, it is essential to recognize that we are all a part of God’s family unit. Even if the person doesn’t believe in Jesus Christ or any of my other beliefs does not mean I have the right to treat them any way I deem appropriate. All of “God’s Images” should be conduct themselves with the same caring and loving approach that He treats us with. We must also bear in mind however, that even though we are made in God’s image we are at last not God. So I must also commit to memory that in a being human my new view of humanity may slip every once in a while; nonetheless it is my goal to care for everyone the way God cares for all.
As far as the subject of voting and Christian Worldview, I will be the first to confess that voting was never a big matter to me. Conversely, thinking about how Jesus preached against the oppression of the people, I’ve come to the realization of how huge a privilege is of voting in our society. We have been blessed with such constitutional rights to be able to decide our government to prevent such corrupt oppression. Honestly, with the exception of this past year when a minister I knew was running for city council, I’ve never voted in a local election. I can honestly

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