The Meaning Of Renaissance Is `` Rebirth `` Essay

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The meaning of renaissance is “rebirth”. It’s a time where new ideas and creations were born. The first renaissance began in cities throughout Italy. Italy had a strong presence of antiquity than any other part of Europe. Italy began to revive the activity of buying and selling goods and town building. Feudalism had less of an influence towards Italy. Feudalism is where social classes were divided based on their position in the economy. Before the renaissance came into full effect, the tragedy of the Black Death arrived to Europe. The terrible disease arrived by sea from trading ships that traveled from the black sea. The people in Europe didn’t quite know what they were getting themselves into. The people on these ships were either dead or ill. The ill people had really bad fevers and they were unable to keep food down. They were also covered in black boils. The boils oozed blood and puss. The disease quickly spread and began killing people very rapidly. Humanism, which is a program of study based on the “classics”, was founded by Petrarch. He was known as the father of humanism. Humanism was said to be the “philosophical backbone” to the Italian renaissance. Humanism was the recovery after the Black Death. Humanism was meant to motivate people to do better. It emphasized the potential for individual achievement and that each person was capable of truth and goodness. Humanism restored the Greek language, developed new was to study the world that was before them, and it…

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