The Meaning Of Preservation In The Retention Of Hinduism

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2.3.3 The meaning of retention of Hinduism

a. The meaning of Moral Education, Skills and Efficiency
In the process of preservation of religion by Krama Desa Adat Kuta going process of transferring science and religion and religious life skills among village manners. Meaning of moral education in this exposure means is the process of moral education that is good and bad deeds guidance. The link between morality with religion very closely the more so with the teachings of Hinduism because Hinduism teaches about morality that is part basic framework of religious teachings. Vocational education is meant in this connection is the skill with singing, art of percussion, dance, as well as skills upakara field, uparengga and religious ceremonies. The
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The Meaning of Preservation
The definition of Preservation in this description is the existence of a condition that became the backbone of community life. Thr meaning of preservation in the retention of Hindu religious life in Cultural Village of Kuta could be understood by their religious life which is inseparable with the art and culture that includes; the art building (technology), the art of percussion, dance, voice, and organizational skills. Similarly, the practice of Hindu religious life inseparably with the natural environment because there are various facilities required by the Hindus to carry out religious obligations.

For the materials of Upakara Yajnya, that is the ceremony of Panca Yajnya, Hindus need a variety of means such as; fruit, flowers, and leaves of various plants, so that the interests of those means above, Hindus will continue to strive to maintain the plants required for ceremonial purposes. On the other hand, the need for such art; art of sound, art of percussion and dance are essential to support the successful implementation of Yajnya ceremony, causing Hindus to continue working to make all of the elements of art to be sustainable (Sumadi, 2010).


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