Essay about The Meaning Of Life

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The Meaning Of Life The last chapter that Nagel expresses his philosophy is about the meaning of life. He asks what is the true meaning of life? And why our existence even matters? He continues on saying we make big and small problems such a big issue, when in reality they don’t even matter just like all of us. Of course Nagel then reverses the role and explains that people tend to find a purpose for themselves, like worshiping God, a meaning to living. But why, he asks, if God doesn’t even exist. So he says, we are basically wasting time dedicating our lives to someone that could be just a fictional perception to reality, just to be dead in less then 200 years. His last statement in the book he says life may be not only meaningless but absurd (Page.101). I agree with Nagel that the meaning of life means nothing, to an extent. More then half of the world, unless you’re famous, are not going to care when and if we were to die today. They’re not going to care what your accomplishments were, if you graduated college, or even if you had a baby to pass on your genetics. The world is just not going to care, which is why I agree with Nagel. Unless someone is a family member we don’t even care if people we knew as a child or even graduated high school with, die at any moment. Of course you’re sad for a little, but then eventually you just go about your day. It’s not about how many fans you had or knowing you could die at any moment. At the end of the day, it’s about wanting to…

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