The Meaning Of Life Essay

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PHIL 1701 (Spring 2016)
Name: Khai Seong Wong
Student ID: 0348764

Short Essay 1 – the meaning of life

In a universe far, far away, Jude, a disembodied soul not yet born into the world is considering his options of whether to be born into the world or fade away into an eternal peaceful nothingness. Two angels with very different opinions are trying to make their case to convince Jude to pick their sides.

Angel 1: I’m going to tell you a fable now, Jude. You do know that life is like a traveler falling into dark well, right? On one end, a rat is gnawing away the twig you 're holding on to for dear life; and on the other end an infuriated dragon awaits you in the bottom of the well.
Jude: What are you trying to say?
Angel 1: Well, as you 're clinging onto the twig, you are suddenly distracted by drops of sweet honey dripping along the twig. Why, the honey you 're tasting now manages to distract you temporarily, but it still doesn 't spare you from the horrifying fate of death you would face in the end.
Angel 2: Shouldn 't the sweet honey taste embody what life is all about? Ah, the little things in life one comes to appreciate albeit the “fate.”
Angel 1: Sure, if you want to put it this way. The sweet, cherish things in life that serve as a distraction just a deception. Sure, you can accomplish great achievements, have a wonderful job, friends and family you think mean so much to you. Eventually, it doesn 't change the fact that one must face the music: death.
Angel 2: I…

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