The Meaning Of Life And Death In Mary Shelley's Frankenstein

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In 1820, Gothic literature was coming to an end in terms of popularity, but a short story containing supernatural content still managed to overcome this barrier and catch the public’s attention ( Frankenstein is a short story that was anonymously published in 1818. It was not until the novel’s 1831 edition that it was discovered through the novel’s preface that it was in fact Mary Shelley the one who had written the novel in which she explained that it was her who had written the novel (Explore the Exhibition). Mary Shelley wrote Frankenstein due to the circumstances she was going through in her personal life, an inspiration that was given to her and to share her thoughts on life.
Mary Shelley at the age of eighteen was able to
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Frankenstein is a short story that starts out with a college student named Victor, that gains interest in galvanism, using chemicals to create electricity. Victor for most of his life during and after college had the goal of bringing a person to life. After several months of studying, Victor was able to create life. He created a creature that reacted violently immediately after waking up. The creature, confused of what was going on, went into the woods to hide and while living there he learned how to communicate, read, and most importantly he learned about love and the definition of family. This creature tried to be friendly but he was denied by every human he encountered due to his looks. The creature felt lonely and denied so, one afternoon he convinced Victor to make a female creature to accompany him, he threatened Victor that if he did not make him a female creature he would take vengeance. Before Victor completed though, he reconsidered the possible consequences in regards of making another creature and decided to stop his creation. The creature then took vengeance and killed Victor’s family. By the end of the story Victor dies on a ship and the creature regrets his actions and believes that he has no purpose to live now that his creator is dead, this leads the creature to commit suicide. In this book, Shelley first brings a creature to life, that creature than kills the creator 's family. The creator dies failing to complete the creatures wished and then the creature commits suicide. When analyzing this story on a deeper level, the reader can get to know the author’s way of thinking because Shelley touches the topic of life and death. Shelley had recently gone through the loss of her first baby that she was pregnant with, her thoughts were focused on bringing back her baby. She

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