The Meaning Of Death As Suggested By Robert Pinsky Essays

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The meaning of death as suggested by Robert Pinsky In the poem “Dying” by Robert Pinsky, we go through the thought process of a man who is attempting to come to terms with death. He looks at countless aspects of where life and death lead. He finally reaches a conclusion that leaves him with some piece of mind. Pinsky is alluding to the fact that death is not necessarily the finish but rather an essential element to the cycle of life. The first two stanzas introduce to us the idea of death and how the speaker feels he is surrounded by it. “And every day/ Things that were in my memory fade and die” (5-6). This is an example that Pinsky uses to depict a softer picture of death. He is alluding to the fact that death is not always literal, but rather entities die off everyday without us being aware that it is occurring. The speaker also talks about two dogs that have passed away. This shows that although some elements have faded and died from his memory, these instances have remained because of the effect that death leaves on a person. The speaker opens the poem with “nothing to be said about it, and everything” (1). He is referring to death and how there is nothing decisively to be believed about it. But he is also speaking about living, it is something we undertake everyday and it leads to the ultimate end. Although it is so common, there still remain no words for it just as in death. All of these effects together portray the burden death carries in the…

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