The Mean Girls By Cady Heron Essay

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In the movie called, “The Mean Girls” there is a character named Cady Heron. Cady Heron just moved to the United States from Africa. She has been homeschool her whole life and she was starting a new high school. In high school, Ms. Heron has to deal with teenage life that run socially by a group of artificial girls called, “The Plastics.” As the story goes on, Cady Heron winds up becoming the plastic’s queen of sorts and is dethroned by the old queen, when all of the students find out what these girls have been saying about them behind their backs; Eventually, Ms. Heron takes the blame for it all, however, in the homecoming ceremony, Cady Heron gives a piece of her winning crown to everyone and all is forgiven and the plastics are no more. The resocialization of the means girl’s story is how the girls change from superficial, immature, and careless to caring classmates. It is relevant in that Ms. Heron is always comparing her new high school to the wild creatures in Africa and she realized that her new high school is worse than the wild creatures.
At the beginning of the story, Ms. Heron had a timid behavior, due to the fact that the environment of a new high school was different. Based on the Piagetian theory: “a theory of intellectual development uses two basic principles of biology and biological change: organization and adaption.” (Ross D. Parke/Mary Gauvain, 10). Cady Heron was organizing herself into a new country, house, and high school, and moreover she was adapting…

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