The Mcrel Teacher Evaluation System

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This paper discusses the McRel Teacher Evaluation System. This evaluation system is based on the 21st century skills of education. In order to understand the components and administration of the McRel evaluation system, I conducted an interview with an administrator at a local high school. During the interview, we discussed the components of the evaluation tool, the role of the evaluator and role of the teacher. In addition, we explored what the administrator specifically looks for in a teacher evaluation. In this paper, you will read about how the tool is administered and what is expected at each step of the process.
District Teacher Evaluation System
As I began my research of my districts system for teacher evaluations, I interviewed Zach
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In other words, the driving force behind the districts teacher evaluation system are the teaching standards. Wurcel stated, the teaching standards used in the McRel system include five standards, teachers demonstrate leadership, teachers establish a respectful environment for a diverse population of students, teachers know the content the teach, teachers facilitate learning for their students and teachers reflect on their practice (Z. Wurcel, personal communication, November 1, 2016). These standards support the demands of 21st century education, and the knowledge and skills the teachers must have to be successful …show more content…
He said, “I look for leadership in the classroom, classroom management, the needs of the diverse student population being met and content knowledge”(Z. Wurcel, personal communication, November 1, 2016). With respect to leadership, Wurcel focuses on the classroom environment, noting that he looks for patterns of respect and rapport with the students. In addition, is the teacher creating a culture for learning and managing classroom procedures and behavior to effectively maximize instructional time. Content knowledge was another area that Wurcel looks for in an observation. He is expecting the lesson to be clearly communicated to the students, and the content to be through and clear and connected to the students interests. Lastly, Wurcel looks for differentiation of instruction to meet the needs of the diverse learners in the classroom, partially any students with IEPs or

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