The Mcdonaldization Of Society By George Ritzer Essay

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According to the recent news in Japan, there is a sushi restaurant with conveyor belt. It lays out in an “E” shape, allowing more dinners to be served with a conventional loop arrangement. The restaurant can serve 196 customers, with kitchen staffs no more than 50 and there are no chefs. Everything is automatic, provides everything high quality at low price. The kitchen receives a personal order from a dinner, it is delivered along a high speed lane straight to the table. When people are done with the dishes, they put them in the lane, which will also be delivered into the wash machine. Dish machine can wash about 20,000 each day, washed plates will be sent to food preparation zone. Finally, they collect and analyze the date from the order through computers. Using high technology instead of human labor and using small space to maximize the profit. All of the characteristic of this sushi restaurant is the presence of McDonaldization.
McDonaldization is a term used by George Ritzer in his book “The McDonaldization of Society (1993)”. According to Ritzer, “the principle of fast-food restaurant dominates more and more sectors of society (1993).” This term is intertwined with globalization and most people have adapted this concept. The popularity of the restaurant is an example of McDonaldization. Because home- cooked meals have been replaced with meals of practically and convenience. The fast food industry has become increasingly uniform and automated. Ritzer contents four main…

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