Essay on The Mcdonald 's A Successful Business

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Task 1
1.1New Zealand:-
The McDonald’s was opened in New Zealand in 1976. The first branch was established in wellington (capital of the county). They have developed 162 branches in NZ. The main objective of McDonald is to open their branch in every suburb. They have been targeting every age of people by introducing new items. They have been introducing many burger combos and family pack to attract every age of people.
New Zealand public is also having a good taste regarding McDonald as they are always attracted towards fast food. Moreover every business needs advertisement to run a successful business. As concerned to McDonald in New Zealand, they are using Social sites to promote their burgers and they distribute the small booklet on the streets, in restaurant and in the envelope box of their customer also they are making small ads on special items and put in websites that is commonly used by the viewers. They have been making good strategies to promote their business.
The McDonald was established their first branch in 1971. There first branch was in New South Wales but now they have over 900 branches. They have been opened Mc Cafe with every McDonald restaurant therefore stores have noticed 60% in incline in sales. So there main motive is open mc café along with every store. They have been providing dinner box to target more customers.
The way of promoting same business in Australia is bit difference from NZ. Whenever, you are moving one country…

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