The Mbti Test A Couple Of Times Before Essay

733 Words Jun 22nd, 2015 3 Pages
I will admit, I have done the MBTI test a couple of times before, so am already somewhat familiar with it. This makes it a little more challenging to work through Professor Sarkee’s process; trying to work out what I believe my MBTI preferences are as I see them. So, I decided to work through the process with an unbiased view, especially because I was interested to see if my personality has slightly evolved after recent life changes and experiences.
My result is ENFJ, although I was rather torn between the first letter being an E or I. People would probably presume that I am very confident and have a somewhat extrovert personality, just because of my long career on stage, and because I tend to easily make friends with anyone. Although I have confidently sung in front of crowds of up to 45,000 people, I am actually not at all confident in talking in front of people – not even a very small group! There are some traits of introversion that I agree with, such as seeking quiet for concentration and although I like to be with others, I always want plenty of time to be alone. I believe, if one has to be chosen over the other side, I have chosen correctly with E.
The second letter for me is N because on the S-N dichotomy, I can check off nearly all of the intuition side traits, such as always looking ahead to seeing possibilities that I could make happen. I am always wanting to learn something new, so am keen to constantly add new skills, and one of my favorite pastimes is…

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