The Mayflower Compact: The Creation Of America

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The Mayflower Compact

On the Puritan’s journey to what they called New Jerusalem they face the challenges of starting a new nation. To meet these challenges they happened to set up a document that would establish what they believed was needed to be able to start a new era. This document was called “ The Mayflower Compact.” The goals outlined in the Mayflower Compact have been met. The creation of this nation has led to the glorifying of God and the spread of Christianity, thus the creation of a new Christian nation. Followed by honoring England by the creation of our country. In addition to developing a new Christian nation, the Puritans had envisioned a democratic nation in which citizens determined the direction they believed. Thus the current system of America’s government today is still the same system used back in 1621 by the pilgrims. The Mayflower Compact was the first ever document in America. The Compact outlined a set of goals that the pilgrims set to meet. One of the goals was to create this new nation for the “glory of God.” They believed that God
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The Puritans not only seeking to glorify God, but also bring honor to those whom were back in England and the King. But also bring honor to the country of England. When the Puritans came to what they called New Jerusalem, they were sent by the king of England himself so that they could practice their religion as they pleased. Well as they did, they build a nation from scratch and were able to accomplish the King’s wishes. Bring honor to the king of England. But not only that of being able to do something like this and becoming successful. They also brought honor to the nation from which the pilgrims came from, which is England. Even if as of today we have some to none ties with England. Honor was brought for that outstanding achievement towards

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