The Mayans : Civilization And The Mayan Civilization Essay

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The Mayans: Civilization The Mayan Civilization was an American Native Civilization which grew to be one of the many advanced civilizations in America. The Mayans lived in Eastern and Southern Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and Western Honduras. While living in these various places the Mayans built enormous stone pyramids, temples and sculptures. The Mayans also had many accomplishments in mathematics and astronomy, which were recorded in hieroglyphics. Around 900 the Mayans disappeared from the southern lowlands of Guatemala and later The Mayans reappeared in the North on the Yucatan Peninsula and took over that area until the Spanish Conquest but The Maynas still make up most of the population in the region in today’s era. When The Mayans started to become more modern and abandon their old ways it became known as the preclassic period. During the preclassic period The Mayans made huge improvements in society and built up strength. Before the preclassic period early Mayans were farmers which helped the entire community with their crops and fields. Like many other farming people The Mayans praised many agricultural god’s. When The Mayan people were not farming they went out hunting supplies that they could use such as stone, tools, ropes, and mats. The Mayan women were usually in charge of making the clothing like ponchos, loincloths and skirts. The Classic Period is the period when The Mayan civilization became more difficult because the population…

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