The Mayan Indians : The Indian Tribe Essay

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The Mayan Indians:
The Largest Indigenous Indian Group in North America

Dating back as far as 50,000 B.C. and originally coming from Asia across the Bering Sea and Alaska to the Americas and the Yucatan peninsula during the last ice age, the Mayan Indians are an indigenous group of culturally diverse people. The ancient Mayans lived in present-day southern Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras, and western El Salvador having a population of eight million at the Pre-Columbian period, and at the Twenty-first century, it has been estimated to be over six million making the Mayans the largest indigenous group in North America. Mayans are compared to the Greeks, because they made advances in agriculture and architecture inventing chocolate, herbal medicine, and a form of basketball using their creative ball courts at multiple cities especially their capital, Tikal. At Tikal they built schools, libraries, sports arenas (ball courts), and hospitals. By 1000 in the Post-Classic period, they abandoned many of their buildings when the Spanish came: they migrated and scattered to small villages. The height of Mayan culture occurred during the Classic period, in which they built pyramids, temples, and palaces to praise their gods in rituals and sacrifices. Their social system, based on their beliefs and ideas, ensured harmony within the environment (Odijk, 9). Although the Mayans date back far in history, Mayans are still prominent today in South America and still have kept their…

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